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Book - The Paradigm Uncensored


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Now discover what could never be revealed before – the full and uncensored revelation!

The Uncensored version of Jonathan Cahn’s stunning phenomenon THE PARADIGM

Jonathan Cahn will uncover the Full Revelation and reveal the uncensored revelation that which could not even appear in the book!

It not only includes the full revelation but you’ll be given exclusive information, material, and revelations so explosive that they’re not even in the book and you can’t get anywhere else in the world!

It’s totally uncensored containing exclusive disclosures and revelations not in the book or anywhere else – including:

The 9th of Tammuz Mystery

The mystery behind the Arch of Baal

The prophetic time parameters of Donald Trump

The 4000 year old mystery that determined the election of 2016

And much more

Not to mention the story behind The Paradigm

And what the future holds

2 Special Albums :

Each with 4 complete DVDs including The Mystery of Days – The War of Thrones – Final Revelations & the Harbingers of things to come. A total of 8 1 hour DVDs in which Jonathan Cahn will personally open for you the mysteries of the ancient blueprint that are manifesting and affecting your world right now - and what lies ahead in the future.

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